Lynk & Co 02 – An Open Source Vehicle

Swedish design is a wonderful thing. In the automotive scene, we only see that Scandinavian design from Volvo. Now we get some Scandinavian love from Lynk & Co with the new 02 compact SUV.

Lynk & Co has a ‘digital first’ take with only a few options to buy, lease or subscribe to in markets that will have a subscription model available. The company appears to be looking for you, the driver to tell them what they want, calling the vehicle an open source project where you can make a difference. Check out the video to watch more.

With an attractive exterior featuring defined lines and proportional Scandinavian design, the Lynk & Co 02 is sporty, compact and brings an aggressive stance.

The interior of the 02 is fresh and modern with appropriately placed screens that are neither too small nor too small. I can’t help but feel that there is a splash of Volvo in this car in the centre console and inner door areas.

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